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We will need as much information as possible in order to locate your friend or loved one. Primarily;  Legal name, Birthdate, and County of arrest.  Our experienced Agents will locate them in no time. 

The imitator (or person responsible for
the bail) must quality and be accepted by the courts. We require the signer to be at least 25 years old, Have stable employment for at least 2 years, and be in good moral standing with the court. Please call us and explain your individual circumstances and we will let you know if you would qualify.

24/7 Bail Bonding requires a 10% to 15% payment to for the bond to bail your friend or loved one out of jail. Jails usually add an assessment fee which are about 10% plus $200 and a $20 per charge fee. That would make a $10,000 bond actually be $11,220. 

Signing of the Promissory Note is the
most important part of the bail process.  You are signing responsibility that the person being bailed out will show up for ALL court dates and/or sentencing. If they fail to show up, you will be responsible for the entire bail amount.
Pick Up

Be ready at the Jail to Pick up your friend or loved one. This is of course after the Agents brings the necessary documents to the jail and the jail released the defendant. This could take 4-10 hours. depending on how busy the jail is. 

Bail bonds can be a complicated process, and the main part of our job at all of our 24/7 Bail Bonding locations is to remove the stress and confusion that bail bonds cause. 

If you are in need of bail support or other services related to the bail and release of a friend or loved one, we highly recommend contacting us as soon as possible to explain the situation. We handle every case on an individual basis and work with you to make sure we get the fastest results possible.

We feel the most important thing to do is reduce the stress on our clients, That means having an unbeatable knowledge of the bail process, a staff that will treat you with concern and sensitivity, and above all else, the means to handle your bond quickly. 

Our company is family owned and operated and understands what it means to provide personal service. We realize that we are dealing with people, not products, and we’re here to help you.
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24/7 Bail Bonding charges from 10% – 15% of the bail amount. If the bail is larger then you can afford, we have financing available if you qualify. 

We need to have the defendants legal name, birthdate, county of arrest and social security number (If possible) Our agents will work quickly and diligently to find everything else out for you including the arresting charges.  

The signer of the Promissory Note (also called the Indemnitor)  needs to qualify and be excepted by the courts. They must have Valid ID, Proof of Address, Proof of Employment, and be in good standing with the court.  For Larger bonds, you need be a home owner or with a mortgage in good standing. If you aren’t purchasing a home, you may need a co-signer that is. 

24/7 Bonding Agents are the quickest, the most efficient, and the most knowledgeable bail bond agents.  We use  ‘state of the art’ equipment to process all applications, credit cards, and deliver the all the necessary documents to get your friend and family released as quickly as possible. 

Then it is up to the jail, or release center to take these documents (Power of Attorney) and release the defendant.  How long it takes to release a defendant is determined by how efficient the corrections officers are, and how many other people have been arrested before your friend or family member.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays are usually the busiest. Being realistic, in some counties it can be from 4 to 10 hours after the bail bond agent has delivered the documents to the release center.

Calling us first as soon as possible will help the defendant get out of jail quicker.