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Information is Key

Please use our list of resources to help you look up information. Remember our Agents are patiently waiting for your call to guide you through the process.

You do have to have good, established credit to qualify. Meaning you have to have credit and be using it responsibly. We take into consideration several factors: length of residency, employment and arrest history, ability to make payments and other factors. Applying is your first step in determining how we can help you.  

As the ‘indemnitor” You agree to be financially liable for the FULL Bail amount of the bail. If the defendant does not show up for court and the Judge declares that the bond is forfeited due to nonappearance, you are obligated to pay the full amount of the bail bond. 

Never bail anyone out of Jail that may not appear for court. Do not take any chances. 

No. The amount you pay for the bond to the Bail Agency is not refundable. It is the cost of the bail.